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Extraction Wisdom Teeth: How to Tell That It’s Time to Remove Your Third Molars

June 20, 2022
Posted By: Wicker Park Dental Group

Not everyone removes their wisdom teeth, but around 5 million people every year choose extraction. Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the teeth located in the back of the mouth that typically emerge around adolescence or early adulthood. Infamously, wisdom teeth can cause many oral health issues, so many patients choose to remove them before problems arise.

Even though wisdom tooth extraction might seem nerve-wracking, it doesn’t have to be. Wicker Park Dental Group offers contemporary technology, sedation dentistry, and comforting amenities (such as neck pillows, blankets, and TVs) to foster a more serene experience. Contact us today if you’re looking for dependable, comfortable wisdom teeth extraction in Chicago, IL.

Although most people get them, wisdom teeth aren’t always welcome. So, be on the lookout for the following clues, which can signify that it’s time for extraction:

Irritated Gums

Irritated gums are relatively common. Some people associate swollen, red, and irritated gums with gum disease since almost 1 in 2 adults over 30 have this condition.

But don’t automatically assume that your irritated gums are gum disease. Specifically, emerging wisdom teeth can irritate the back of the mouth. Furthermore, this gum irritation is generally worse than gum disease. Some people brush gum irritation off as something they can live with, but why not get relief with wisdom teeth extraction?

Pressure, Pain, and Stiffness

Occasionally, wisdom teeth announce their presence by causing extreme discomfort. Generally, wisdom teeth pain starts at the back of the mouth but doesn’t always remain there. Wisdom teeth pain triggered by impaction or eruption can travel to your sinus cavity and jaw muscles. From time to time, wisdom teeth pain can induce headaches. With discomfort, emerging wisdom teeth can tense up your jaw muscles. This stiffness or immobility might make eating or opening your mouth more challenging.

Foul Breath and Taste

From bacterial overgrowth to overeating garlic and onions, bad breath can be caused by many things (including developing wisdom teeth). When wisdom teeth erupt, gum pockets form in the back of the mouth. Bacteria builds up in these pockets quickly. If a person does not effectively clean the back of their mouth, foul breath and a strange taste are likely to follow.

Misaligned Teeth

Ideally, you’ll opt for removing your wisdom teeth before they cause others to shift. Still, suppose you wait too long to remove your wisdom teeth. If your wisdom teeth become impacted, they can cause other teeth to misalign. Impacted teeth grow at a crooked angle towards adjacent teeth, which can trigger a domino effect and shift adjacent teeth out of healthy alignment.

If Your Dentist Suggests Extraction as a Preventive Measure

For some, wisdom tooth eruption goes unnoticed. At the same time, others might suffer from excruciating pain. Above all, listen to what your dentist says about your wisdom teeth. Your Wicker Park dentist might detect imminent issues or see the first signs of your wisdom teeth emerging.

Although it might be tempting to push off surgery or steer clear altogether, do something your future self will thank you for and take care of your wisdom tooth extraction before problems arise. Wisdom teeth extraction can serve as a preventive measure, avoiding trouble in the long run. Find out more about wisdom teeth extraction in Chicago by calling (773) 276-5566 or messaging us online.

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