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Want straight teeth? Consider Invisalign®.

June 13, 2022
Posted By: Wicker Park Dental Group

If you want straight teeth but can’t imagine life with bulky metal braces, consider a clear aligner system like Invisalign. Wicker Park Dental Group offers Invisalign–a highly effective and proven method to address misalignment issues, such as crookedness, crowding, and malocclusion (bad bite). Join the 12 million successful Invisalign cases and counting, and schedule an Invisalign consultation in Chicago, IL.

Suppose you’re considering orthodontic treatment. You might be wondering why Invisalign has gained traction as a successful way to straighten teeth. Here, we expose five straight advantages of Invisalign treatment has over other orthodontic methods:

  1. Discreet Appearance

It’s human nature to feel a little self-conscious in social situations. Consider this clear aligner system if you want to live without worrying about others’ opinions about noticeable orthodontic treatment. The leading advantage of Invisalign trays is that they are virtually invisible. 


Therefore, only one person should know that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment if you choose Invisalign (and that person is you). Invisalign is an excellent option for patients of all ages who want to live a healthier, more confident life with straight teeth–without the stigma of traditional braces.

  1. Increased Comfort

Ouch! Beyond aesthetics, another common complaint amongst traditional braces wearers is sharp, extruding wires or brackets that can feel abrasive against your cheeks, gums, and lips.


Alternatively, Invisalign trays are composed of a smooth, biocompatible plastic material. Each customized tray fits snugly on your teeth–without the concern of harsh metals rubbing against the delicate soft tissues in your mouth!

  1. Better Hygiene and Oral Health

Generally, a clean mouth is a healthy mouth. Regular brushing and flossing help keep cavities, gum disease, and bad breath at bay. A perk of Invisalign trays is that they are removable, making oral hygiene routines a piece of cake. When you’re ready to brush and floss your teeth, all you have to do is: 

  • Step 1: Remove your trays.

  • Step 2: Clean your teeth and trays.

  • Step 3: Pop your trays back in!


In a telling BMC Oral Health study, researchers studied patients' hygiene, health, and satisfaction with Invisalign and fixed orthodontic appliances (such as traditional braces). Patients with Invisalign had less plaque and significantly better gum health than those treated with fixed orthodontic appliances.

  1. Greater Patient Satisfaction

Broadly, straight teeth can lead to healthier gums, chewing improvements, and a positive self-image. Invisalign offers a subtle way to achieve straight teeth, and patients love it! In the previously mentioned BMC Oral Health study, patients were more satisfied with Invisalign than fixed orthodontic appliances. 

  1. Food Freedom

Unfortunately, metal braces can be fickle. So, you might not be able to eat some of your favorite foods in fear that your wires and bands bend or break–or worse, you get food lodged underneath the mechanisms designed to help you achieve straight teeth. Thankfully, this is not a problem with Invisalign. Simply take out your trays before meals and eat what you want.

Begin Your Mission to Straight Teeth and Smile with Confidence

While there are many ways to achieve straight teeth, there’s only one original clear aligner system: Invisalign. Consider an orthodontic treatment that grants flexibility to live without obnoxious brackets, arch wires, and rubber bands. Now that you know some of the advantages of the Invisalign system, speak with your Wicker Park Dental Group dentist about embarking on your trek to straight teeth! Contact our Chicago, IL office by calling (773) 276-5566 or messaging us online.

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