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Do I still need a dental checkup if my teeth feel fine?

If your teeth are healthy and in good condition, routine dental exams every six months help us keep them that way. The whole point of routine preventive dentistry is to ensure that your mouth is in a healthy state and provide appropriate treatment if it is not.

A lot can happen with your oral health before you ever get a toothache. Most cavities don’t develop overnight, and if you wait until you’re in pain to call us, you’ve waited too long. We can treat the cavity at this stage, but it may require more involved dental work than if we’d been able to find at a six-month visit and treat it promptly.

Ideally, our dentists in Chicago would see you every six months and treat cavities and gum disease as they develop. Early treatment is better for your oral health, helps save money on dental costs, and minimizes your risk for tooth pain and emergency dental visits.

Schedule Your Next Dental Checkup in Chicago, IL

If you are due for your next routine dental exam and teeth cleaning, please call Wicker Park Dental Group in Chicago, IL to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Our dental team looks forward to being your partner in helping you achieve and maintain a healthy, problem-free smile.

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